Thinkster Math Selected by Jefferson Education Accelerator as Partner

Thinkster Math Selected by Jefferson Education Accelerator as Partner

Tablet-based K-8 math learning platform blends learning analytics, gamification, and personalized instruction to increase student engagement and learning


WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 18, 2017) – The Jefferson Education Accelerator (JEA) today announced the selection of Thinkster Math, the tablet-based K-8 math skills development program, as its latest company partner. Under the terms of the partnership, JEA will make an equity investment in the company and will conduct research on the impact of Thinkster Math’s tutoring and learning platform on student engagement and mathematics learning outcomes.

“At JEA, we aim to support innovative companies that not only drive meaningful improvement in student outcomes, but are also committed to the highest levels of transparency and efficacy research,” said Bart Epstein, Founding CEO of JEA. “Thinkster Math’s unique approach to math education, blending human and machine, is the type of forward-thinking and game-changing innovation that we seek to support and scale. We believe the company is well-positioned to have a transformative impact on education delivery, and look forward to helping them further document, validate, and communicate the impact of their program.”

Founded in 2010, Thinkster Math aims to help all students reach their full potential in mathematics knowledge and skills by making learning more immediate, relevant, and engaging. The company offers a math tutoring program that combines human interaction—between students and dedicated, experienced teachers—with groundbreaking artificial intelligence to create personalized learning programs. Thinkster Math’s technology helps visualize student thinking by tracking how a child arrives at an answer, helping to improve how quickly and precisely teachers can spot problem areas.

“Thinkster Math is designed to fundamentally alter the way students learn not just math, but any subject. While other companies focus on “what” mistakes a student makes, we are able to identify the “where” and the “why” behind those mistakes, and suggest contextually appropriate strategies for solving problems,” said Raj Valli, CEO of Thinkster Math. “We are excited to work with JEA to rapidly scale the availability of the Thinkster Math platform, but also to demonstrate the robustness of the platform through academic research.”

Using a stylus or their fingers, students can write out their work on the screen of their tablet and engage directly in the problem-solving process. Upon completion of Thinkster Math assignments, a ‘Thinkster Academic Advisor’ reviews the student's work and is available to answer questions and provide feedback. Through the app’s “Active Replay Technology,” Advisors can play back student work asynchronously and give feedback specific to mistakes.

“We are excited about the partnership with JEA” said Raju Venkatraman, Managing Partner of Syven Capital LP, the lead investor in Thinkster’s Series-A investment. “JEA’s research expertise will help in validating superior student outcomes through rigorous research in consumer and school settings. Thinkster is gearing up with new technology that extends its offerings beyond the tablets, and having proven results will help parents and educators make informed decisions and adopt easily.”

Uniquely focused on growth stage education companies, JEA provides expertise and investment capital to education companies that have demonstrated strong evidence of success, and the potential to contribute to the field through research and evaluation conducted by leading education researchers and practitioners.




About Jefferson Education Accelerator

The Jefferson Education Accelerator (JEA) brings together the know-how, capital, and resources to address the unique needs of educators, entrepreneurs, and organizations. Combining the unabashedly innovative spirit of education technology with the academic rigor and excellence of one of the nation’s top-ranked education programs, JEA identifies and evaluates the most promising education solutions in the U.S. and puts them on track to achieving scale and making impact. For more information, visit www.jeauva.COM.   


About Thinkster Math

Thinkster Math (Previously known as Tabtor Math) has rapidly become the world leader in personalized, tablet-based math tutoring using digital analytics, dedicated tutors, and patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART). ART allows our tutors to play back student work and give feedback specific to the mistake. By using research based intervention methods and promoting conceptual, analytical and reasoning skills using problems tied to real-life situations, the company is able to create lifelong learners.

A companion smartphone app provides parents with insights on a daily basis. Tabtor Math's learning program provides personal attention from a dedicated tutor and is specifically tailored to every child's unique learning needs. It offers a world-class curriculum aligned with common core, provincial, state and country standards for grades K-8. Thousands of students spanning 30+ countries have seen up to 90% improvement in math performance after just 3 months. Thinkster Math is a smart, focused new option for students who want to accelerate their progress in math.  For more information, visit


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