The Responsibility of Schools of Education in Preparing Teachers to Teach With Tech

This year alone, U.S. elementary, middle and high schools are expected to spend $4.7 billion on education technology. In a recent survey, 96 percent of teachers report that technology plays a significant role in their classrooms. Yet research suggests that only about half of teachers see the value in today's edtech tools. If you believe these recent accounts, some large portion of our nation's edtech investment is wasted--as digital tools and products go entirely unused.

Some of the blame lies at the feet of entrepreneurs and investors who are just beginning to incorporate end-user and teacher perspectives into product design. The dearth of data to help educators understand what works is another, well documented part of the problem.

But we are naive, as academics and educators, if we fail to consider the dismal record of higher education when it comes to preparing a generation of teachers and leaders charged with shepherding our edtech revolution.


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